Flexbox Extension Board

Experience the convenience and versatility of the Flexbox Extension Board by Aster. With its flexible design, multiple outlets, and surge protection, it provides a reliable power solution for various settings, ensuring your devices are powered safely and efficiently.

Introducing the Flexbox Extension Board by Aster, a versatile power solution that meets all your electrical needs. This compact and flexible extension board offers multiple outlets and convenient features, making it the perfect companion for home, office, or travel.

Features of Flexbox Extension Board:

  1. Flexible Design: The Flexbox Extension Board features a flexible body that allows it to bend and conform to different shapes and spaces, making it easy to position in tight corners or behind furniture.
  2. Multiple Outlets: With multiple power outlets, the Flexbox Extension Board provides ample space to connect various devices simultaneously, such as laptops, chargers, lamps, and other electronic equipment.
  3. Surge Protection: Built-in surge protection safeguards your valuable devices against power spikes and fluctuations, providing peace of mind and preventing potential damage to sensitive electronics.
  4. Compact and Portable: The compact and lightweight design of the Flexbox Extension Board makes it highly portable. Take it with you while traveling, working remotely, or simply move it around your home or office as needed.

Uses of Flexbox Extension Board:

  1. Home and Office: The Flexbox Extension Board is ideal for use in homes, offices, or workstations. It provides additional outlets for powering multiple devices conveniently, whether it’s computers, printers, monitors, or charging stations.
  2. Travel Companion: Take the Flexbox Extension Board with you on trips or vacations. Its compact size and flexible body allow for easy packing, ensuring you have sufficient outlets to power your devices wherever you go.
  3. Entertainment Setup: Use the Flexbox Extension Board to create an organized and efficient entertainment setup. Connect your TV, gaming consoles, speakers, and other devices, keeping cables neat and easily accessible.
  4. Workstations and Study Areas: It serves as a valuable tool for workstations and study areas, offering ample outlets for computers, monitors, desk lamps, and other peripherals, enhancing productivity and reducing cable clutter.


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